Every Man Should Have A Head Doctor Like This

Persia is originally from New York City. We met online and I learned that she was living down the road from me in San Diego. We spoke the night before and agreed that I would pick her up from her place. Persia visited the clinic and had a rapid HIV test done. However, she originally insisted that there would be no kissing or oral sex without a condom. I then cancelled the meeting as I was not pleased with these restrictions. She replied requesting to reconsider her demands and the shoot was on.

Shy at first, Persia Winters quickly became comfortable. It was my luck that I insisted she perform oral sex without the condom. Giving head turned out to be her thing. She gagged until tears began to flow from her eyes. At this point I knew that I was in for a unique experience. I had to fight back the ejaculation impulses. Had I cum so quickly, we wouldn’t gotten the I wanted on set.

Finally, I had to put the camera down. It was time to see what this girls was made of. So I set up the tripod in order to get full range of motion. The doggy style action surely alerted the neighbors.

A strong pop shot and scene #1 is complete.

Overall Evaluation

Physical Appearance: A+ (Tight, clean body and beautiful unmarked face)

Attitude: A+ (Never broke character through four hours of work, and asked me for another shoot the next day.)

Blow Job: A+ (Spirited)

Sex: A+ (Excellent sense of what to do with her arms and legs, creating great angles for the camera)

Anal: N/A (Would not take it in the ass)

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