Business and Education: A New Wrinkle In The Bid For The Washington Commanders 

Pro Football Talk- Billionaire Josh Harris would have offered $5 billion for the Broncos, if he’d known that bid would have won the day. It’s going to take more than $5 billion to get the Commanders, and so Harris is bringing in reinforcements.

Adam Schefter of reports that Mitchell Rales, another billionaire (aren’t they all at this point?), has joined the Harris bid.

Rales and Harris will “partner” in the effort. It remains to be seen whether Harris or Rales will be the controlling owner, and which one will be the more silent (and definitely less powerful) sidekick.

Mitchell Rales (born 1956) is an American billionaire businessman. He founded Danaher Corporation in 1983 with his brother Steven Rales and is the chairman of its executive committee. Rales is married to Canadian-American art curator Emily Wei; the couple established Glenstone, an art museum in Potomac, Maryland, in 2006.[1][2] His net worth was estimated at US$7 billion in 2021.[3]

Joshua Harris (born 1965) is an American private equity investor and philanthropist[2][3][4] who co-founded Apollo Global Management, one of the world’s largest alternative investment firms.[5] Harris is the principal owner and managing partner of the New Jersey Devils of the National Hockey League and the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association, and is a general partner in Crystal Palace of the English Premier League.

Bloomberg estimated his net worth to be around US$7.05 billion in July 2021.

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