Self Help and Motivation: How do you make a tough guy smile?

Coffee and Cupcakes!

If there is a life skill that I cherish it is knowing how to relax. When I was younger, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t relax and I did not know how to have fun. It was the most frustrating feeling anyone could imagine. I believe people are going through it constantly. That’s why there is such a large market in telling everyone what fun is. The idea of relaxation is shown as a person lying on a beach somewhere acting as if they have no cares in the world.

This not reality and it isn’t logical. That’s where most of the stress and frustration comes from in American society. Everyone is being taught to chase after something that doesn’t exist.

True happiness and emotional comfort are largely a state of mind. There are mechanisms and environments that can assist with this. However, it all starts with attitude.

I traded in bars for coffee shops recently, even though I quit drinking alcohol years ago. I kept going to drinking establishments because I didn’t know what else to do for relaxation outside of the house. A great coffee shop offers many of the same nuances as a bar but with completely different energy.

Since retiring to Mexico, I have discovered a thriving coffee shop scene in Tijuana. Some of the places are amazing. Others leave a lot to be desired. This particular spot didn’t even have a name. Yet they provided great customer service and a Cafe’ Americano with carrot cake that was out of site.

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