Brittany Star

Brittany Star was a Craigslist find. She answered the ad I posted and sent me some pictures. She was very cute in the photos and I did not realize that she was a black girl until we met. I picked her up from McDonald’s on El Cajon Boulevard in San Diego. Brittany recognized me sitting there and had a charming grin on her face. I had just finished a small meal (Something I would never do again before a shoot). We hopped in my truck and headed back to my apartment.

Brittany seemed comfortable with me from the very beginning. She opened up about her life and the reasons why she was up in San Diego from Arizona. Like so many girls in this industry Brittany had an amazing story to tell.

We got into the shoot and she was very eager to develop a full fledged scene. She was also interested in the alcohol I had in the house and had her fair share.

We completed two solid scenes before she started to get tipsy. After that we headed out for some dinner at a local sports bar. Brittany and I came back to my apartment and had a private session without the camera, (Something else I haven’t done since) and she went on her way.

Brittany Star’s personality what’s the kind that fills a room. I missed her when she left and contemplated bringing her back for another shoot. Like most girls in this industry I found her very hard to keep up with once she left my presence. Last I heard she was back in Arizona with her boyfriend, at least the one she had at the time.

Overall Evaluation:

Face: A (Brittany had a unique look being of mixed race white and black. Her blond kinky hair matched her light brown eyes and caramel skin. She’s a very cute girl.)

Body: B (She has the natural curves but had not lost the baby damage around her stomach, which I had to cover with camera angles.)

Personality: A+ (We spent the entire day together and there was not one dull moment. I felt a feeling of sadness when Brittany told me she had to leave to go back to her boyfriend.)

Blow Job: B (She did what was necessary)

Sex: A (Brittany seemed very into it.)

Pop Shot) A (She did a facial and swallowed)

Anal: N/A (Did not attempt anal in the hopes that I would bring it back for another shoot. That was a mistake. I never saw her again.)

Brittany Star was a fast girl with a fast life. She told me that she wanted to make a career in the industry. However, she was not living clean at the time. Running the streets, drinking and hanging out, multiple boyfriends. Not good for longevity in any business.

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Goin in on that hoe.


She was Hella cool.


I like this girl. Where is she from?


She’s originally from San Diego. She was living in Arizona during this period. This was a few years ago.


I see. Anyway, how can I get in contact with this person. I need girls like this for my projects. They all need money, but then they don’t come through. This one seems cool. Where did you meet her?


I met this one on Craig’s List. She answered an ad I posted, sent pictures and showed up at the agreed up on time. Just like that.


Damn dude.


You have to be patient. These girls come through went it is the best time for “THEM,” no matter how much money you offer.




No problem.