Which State Is The Last Contiguous State To Join The Union?

December 13, 2020 herculesking 320

Arizona! (AZ) Arizona (/ˌærɪˈzoʊnə/ (listen) ARR-iz-OH-nə; Navajo: Hoozdo Hahoodzo;[7] O’odham: Alĭ ṣonak)[8] is a state in the southwestern region of the United States. It is also part of the Western and the Mountain states. It is the 6th largest and the 14th most populous of […]

Which State Is The Largest In The United States By Area?

December 13, 2020 herculesking 1974

Alaska! (AK) Alaska (/əˈlæskə/ (listen); Aleut: Alax̂sxax̂; Inupiaq: Alaasikaq; Pacific Gulf Yupik: Alas’kaaq; Tlingit: Anáaski; Russian: Аля́ска, romanized: Alyáska) is a U.S. state on the northwest extremity of the country’s West Coast, just across the Bering Strait from Asia. An exclave of the U.S., it borders […]