Clean Ass Crack Girl

“Clean Ass Crack” girl personified the frustration that often comes with using non-pro models. The woman was beautiful. She had a clean, unmarked body with the most delicious asshole and pussy lips. Her face was adorable as well. I was excited to get those sex expressions on camera once the work started.

As soon as I hit the record button “Clean Ass Crack” girl started acting shy and squeamish. She hid her face from the camera even though we agreed on the activities taking place. The blow job was awkward as the woman kept biting my dick. I don’t know what man told women this was pleasureful. I almost wrapped the shoot after that.

The rear view of this lady’s ass makes the video worth watching. She kept playing with her butt hole, making me think an anal session was possible. However, I was not meant to be.

Overall Evaluation:

Face: (A) The woman was beautiful. However she did not want to show her face on camera. All of the convincing in the world could not break her stance.

Body: (A) Excellent shape. Curves in the right places and super clean! She was a prude however. Limited time and her attitude did not allow for thorough examination.

Sex: (A) This was a super tight pussy. She buried her head in the pillows to muffle the screaming. However, baby still took the dick, which was a super turn on.

Blow Job: (C-) Got a to give a low grade on this simply because she would not let me film it, even though we agreed on all activities before hand.

Anal: (N/A) Although you can see her playing with her ass hole in the footage. I thought it might be a go for anal, but it was not to be.

Pop Shot: (F) She totally flaked on the pop shot.

This shoot was a classic example of what you get when working with non-porn girls… the complete unexpected. You just never know.

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Hide the salami!


Digging into that slut.

Hercules King

This pussy was hella tight.


She sittin on a telephone pole.


What her face look like?

Hercules King

She was beautiful, but not feeling the camera at all, even though we agreed to the shoot. She turned shy on me at the last minute… I’m not letting anymore of them get away with this.