Damn She’s Nasty

I have a little history with this girl. We didn’t start out on the best foot on initially meeting. I felt a certain kind of way about that, and always had the feeling that I would work with her eventually.

The opportunity came soon enough. She may have wanted to empress with her performance. The blow job was over the top and so nasty that thought about cutting it. I reconsidered thinking some may like it.

I think I’m going to bring “Damn She’s Nasty” back for another shoot. This footage only scratches the surface of her talent.

Overall Evaluation:

Face: (B) All natural, no make up. A Tomboy-ish type of look.

Body: (A) This girl is packing! About 5’8″ with natural full breasts, ass, thighs and a proportioned waist.

Personality: (A) The girl has heart. She came back to me after I dissed before over a misunderstanding.

Blow Job: (B) Would have absolutely been an A+ grade if not for the condom. However, as nasty as she was this one would not break her rule.

Sex: (A) Mad skills. Good tight pussy. She talked a little too much however. That kept throwing me off. It seemed to be nervous energy. Her and I had some differences previously. Then we hooked up after things cooled down. She was very eager to please.

Anal: (N/A) Wouldn’t do it.

Pop Shot: (B) She took it in the face. Most of these girls here won’t do that. However, she zipped her slips closed and squinted throughout the process. Took away from the drama a little bit.

I’m going to go at this girl another time and see if she opens up some more. She is a tremendous talent between looks and skills. she was also a great deal of fun.

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Damn that looks good!


I need a girl like that dude.

Hercules King

She’s hella fine. A banging body if you like voluptuous women.


Fuck yeah bro. I’m Mexican. I need a chick with curves bro. Ass and tits.

Hercules King

The this one is right up your alley then. All natural too.


Even better.


That’s dope action right there.

Hercules King

Thanks Boss!