Hazel Allure

Hazel Allure was one of my first shoots. At this point I can’t remember exactly which one was the absolute first. She definitely came along in my green days. I was quite nervous about getting going with her. I drove up to Hollywood from San Diego to work with hazel. She showed up with Natasha Starr, a well known personality in the industry who has worked with all of the major production companies. Natasha simply wanted to meet a producer who was hiring and get on my list for a project. We would work together the next week.

Hazel was in California from Florida. She was the perfect model for the situation given my lack of experience at the time. She worked very well with me.

Hazel had me so aroused that we actually completed the pop shot about six minutes into shooting. We then did some still shots until I recovered and was able to complete more sex to fill out the scene. The total shoot time after editing is about 16 to 17 minutes. The footage went over well and actually made some money online.

I had fun with hazel who was a great personality. She went back to Florida and we stayed in touch. She was supposed to return to California on many occasions and contact me when she got here. However, Hazel never made it back to the West Coast. I even bought her a plane ticket with lodging booked and everything. It was what not meant to be however. Hazel was unable to get away from her life in Florida.

Overall Evaluation:

Face: A (Hazel has the all-around look for the industry.)

Body: A (Unmarked, very well taken care of. Tall and slender, very well put together for her body type.)

Personality: A (Hazel loved being a pornstar and was very into every aspect of the shoot. She stayed and made sure we got every shot that was needed before she left.)

Blow Job: A (Hazel is known in the industry for Face Fuck/Face Brutality scenes. She loves giving head. Our BJ footage is tame compared to what else is out there on her.)

Sex: B (She did what was necessary.)

Anal: N/A (Hazel was definitely into it but I passed on the opportunity.)

Pop Shot: A (Excellent facial and swallow.)

Hazel was definitely a good time and I would have loved to have her back for another shoot. The lesson I quickly learned in the porn industry is to get everything out of these girls when you have them onset. Tracking them down once they leave is no easy task.

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