Natasha Starr

Natasha Starr is a seasoned veteran. Just Google her name and she’ll come up on a dozen different major pornographic platforms and websites. She was introduced to me by another model that I was shooting that day. They both came over to my hotel room and Natasha left her number, then took a couple of photos for me. We connected a week later and I drove up from San Diego to Los Angeles to work with her. She was obviously professional and showed up on time, glammed out and ready to go.

Natasha was very seasoned and I was very green. I got the most out of the shoot. However, it is far from the hottest content that I’ve made simply because I was not in shape for the session. I kick myself of this because she was a total Pro and made herself available for anything that I wanted. I just didn’t have the gas in the tank.

Natasha looks beautiful in every shot and I was able to edit footage to show the best that she has to offer.

Overall evaluation:

Face: A

Body: A

Personality: A

Blow Job. A

Sex: A

Pop Shot: A (Pro level facial)

Anal: N/A (She’s down, but I wasn’t up for it. I would like to get my hands on her again.)

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Damn! That’s first class right there.


She was a ten as far as models go.


How come you weren’t up for bustin that hoe in the ass? I would have served that slut.


Lol! This was one of my first shoots. I was out of shape. I barely got the footage I got.


She’s right up my alley dude.


She’s right up a lot of alleys.


I’ve seen this girl a lot. Shes a veteran.


Yeah. Just Google her name and she comes right up. I didn’t know who she was. Another girl introduced us and we booked the shoot a week later. I was a rookie.