Sasha Casey

I discovered Sasha Casey online via her online profile. So she was one of several shoots that I had driven up to Los Angeles from San Diego to complete. Still very green in my producer experience, I was eager to meet Sasha and she seemed to feel the same way. When I arrived to pick her up at the hotel, she if her friend could come along. I patiently for them as she got her things together and we drove from Chatsworth to Hollywood.

One of my first industry lessons as a lone producer is to keep the set private. Sasha’s friend was also an industry personality, and a very nice girl, but she was a distraction on set.

We finally got into the scene work and I could tell right away that Sasha Casey was made for porn. She had a very photogenic face and body. Her blow job skills were exceptional and also looked great on camera. The ses didn’t get as intense as I like it to get, which was also due in part to her friend being in the room.

We completed a massive pop shot that came out very well. It was extremely popular on the tube sites. Sasha went on her way. I saw work with her being featured on many different major production sites.

Overall Evaluation:

Face: A (Sasha is a natural beauty with a Russian background.)

Body: A (Classically built for the industry with natural breast, filled out thighs, hips and plenty of ass for her body.)

Personality: C (This is due in part to the distraction of her roommate being on set, which was my fault)

Blow Job: A (Sasha was very into giving head)

Sex: A (Sasha Casey was another one of those women who feels fantastic when inside them. Super tight and naturally moist. I had to fight back an early ejaculation during most of the scene work.)

Anal: N/A (Although you will find quite a bit of anal work on Sasha Casey online.)

Pop Shot) A (Sasha inspired the massive load for me, which came out great on video.)

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I could fuck with that.


I did. Lol!


Getting face fucked! Lol!


She looks good on the mic. That’s the kind of bitch I need performing maintenance on my shit.


Her head skills were definitely above average. And a tight pussy to my surprise.