Brittany Price

Brittany Price and Rissa Love came to me by way of their agent up in Los Angeles. They had been sent down on the train to complete a shoot with a producer who turned out to be a phony. I was called in yet again to save another jackass agent from his own mistake. The girls were stranded up in Escondido with no money and no place to stay. The agent called me to go up there and put them in a hotel for the night and I would shoot them the next day as planned.

I drove up and met with the two girls who were hanging out outside of a Motel 6. They definitely stood out. Brittany was a petite blond from Ohio, about 5’5” and no more than a 110 pounds. Her counterpart Rissa Love was a voluptuous Latina from New York City. I checked them into the hotel and they proceeded to tell me about the phony producer. He had them fill out some paperwork, had sex with both of them and left without giving them any money. I assured them that they would be working with me on a legitimate project and would be fully compensated after completion.

I left them there and went back to class down in San Diego. When I called to check on them later I was informed by Brittany that they were busy shooting with another producer. It turns out that the jackass agent booked them for a shoot with the hotel room that I paid for. When I came back to pick them up the next day they had been beat in by four guys and were skeptical about working with me. I had to talk them down and convince them to come back to San Diego so that I could get my footage after paying for the room that they stayed the night in.

We got back to my place and the girls are very rattled. I had some drinks and something for them to smoke in order to unwind. I started with an individual scene with Rissa that was very tame. She was tired and battered from the night before. Brittany Price and I worked later that evening in another laid-back shoot session. Brittany liked to talk and was very comfortable in the situation. I tried to make it a sexy photo shoot but it turned out to be more of a boyfriend and girlfriend love making session because that was the type of mood she was in.

I put them in their own hotel room in downtown San Diego. They returned for one more shoot the next morning, which would be a girl/girl boy scene. This was a much sexier and energetic scene after the girls had had a good night’s rest.

Rissa Love was a character who seemed use to making moves and living life on the edge. Brittany, seemed the complete opposite. She was very comfortable in my home. Her and I talked about doing business together at my place. She actually considered staying their with me but Risa talked to her into going back to LA. Last I heard Rissa Love was out and about rolling with some sketchy characters. Brittany was dancing in one of the LA gentlemen’s clubs there in Hollywood. Of course I never saw either one of them again.

Face: A (Brittany Price was 18 years old and a natural beauty.)

Body: A (Petite and clean from clit to crack.)

Personality: A (Brittany was a bundle of joy, loved to talk, very personable and extremely funny.)

Blow Job: C (Brittany was not into it and told me so. She even mentioned that she was pretty sure at this point that she was only going to have sex with guys for money from this point forward in her life and date girls and on a personal level.)

Sex: B (Brittany was pretty worn out from the game bang shoot the day before and complained about my size being in her. She ran from the dick a little bit.)

Pop Shot: B (Brittany definitely wasn’t into it and only did it once even though we shot several several times.

Anal: N/A (Could not talk her into it)

Brittany Price and Rissa Love

Overall evaluation.

Blow Job: A (The two girls seemed to have fun playing off one another.)

Sex: A (Risa was definitely more into it than Brittany, although they both complained about the roughness.)

Pop Shot: B (Neither one of them wanted to do a facial.)

Anal: (Could not talk them into it)

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She’s cute.


Yes Sir!


Looks like a tight little cooter.


It was. Had to fight the sensation to cum in order to get some footage done.


Lol! I like your style.


Whats with the black around the screen?


This is not HD footage.




That little butthole looks ready for target practice.


Trust me. I saw that. She was not having it however.


That sucks.


Yeah. She was cool though.