Maia Davis

I responded to Maia Davis’s Professional Profile online. She returned my email immediately and we started to talk about work. However, a jackass agent got in between her and I and actually attempted to charge me an agency fee for hooking me up with a girl I already knew. This was at the beginning of my producer career. I just wanted to get some shoots under my belt so I brought her down to San Diego from Los Angeles.

I had another porn industry personality working as the camera girl for this particular shoot.We got right to business as Maia into the house. She seemed comfortable that there was another woman in the room. Maia was very photogenic and businesslike as well. We shot footage in the living room and bedroom. She was unable to handle the rough stuff in the doggy doggy style position, which is surprised me since she was such an experienced pornstar. I didn’t know whether to take that as a compliment or not. I still don’t feel like I have the biggest tool in the world even though I come across some girls who say it’s a bit much for them.

I got a massive load in on Maia Davis and completed the closest thing to a hollywood-style porno shoot at that time.

Overall Evaluation:

Face: A (Model quality.)

Body: A (Well taken care of and unmarked.)

Personality: A (Maia was a good actress, very professional.)

Blow Job) A (She did what was required)

Sex: B (She did what was required)

Pop Shot: A (Maia inspired a huge load out of me on this one. Took it in the face.)

Anal: N/A (Maia definitely does anal, although we could not schedule it for this shoot.)

Maia Davis was very astute and respectful. She always returned my phone calls anytime I attempted to reach her with an idea. Although we never hooked up for another project again.

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I used to have a breezy just like that.


Lol! I used to have this one. She’s long gone now though. Moved to Colorado last I heard.

Big C

She the truth wit it.


Yes Sir!


Thats just what I need right now.


I need it all the time Boss!


She need me.




Man where you finding these hoes?


Lol! All over Boss. The strip clubs, Craig’s List, all kind of shit like that. You’d be amazed.


Sexy ass bitch.




Hot chick bro.


Thanks Boss!