Seattle Diamond

Diamond is a rich kid who worked for her family’s construction business. I called her Seattle Diamond because I met her in Seattle while up there on a trip visiting family. I decided to see if I could put a shoot together and hit up Backpage. Her profile was the first one to come up at the top of the list. I called the phone number and Diamond picked the phone up right away. She was very eager and explained to me what she was about. When I told her where I was she said that she could be there in like 20 minutes.

I was surprised and ecstatic. This girl’s profile photo was amazing. An Amazon white girl with blonde hair and natural big blue eyes. I couldn’t believe that was her. She showed up right on time looking just like the photo. I giggled with happiness as this was the definition of a big beautiful women. She had never done anything like a porno shoot before, but seemed to be down for anything. Diamond explained to me that she was on leave from her job due to disciplinary reasons. So she decided to go out, have a little fun and get some money. She had just posted her profile online before I called her.

The chemistry between us was incredible. I could have shot with her everyday for a week. She did stay long enough for me to get all the footage I needed.

Diamond was a kindred spirit and we kept in touch for a little bit after the shoot. Of all the girls that I wanted to reconnect with, this one seemed to be actually possible. She would return my calls even when I was back down in San Diego. However, she loved Seattle and continuously shot down the idea of traveling to California. We eventually lost touch and I had to let the fantasy of me and Diamond being a Porn Industry Power Couple go by the wayside.

Overall Evaluation:

Face: A (Big beautiful blue eyes, long natural blonde hair and a smile that could melt a man’s heart.)

Body: A+ (If you’re into big sexy women she is it. 5’ 10”, natural Double D breast, flat stomach, hips, ass, thighs, naturally tanned skin. Clean from clit to crack the Kraken.)

Personality: A (Diamond seemed to enjoy what she did and was not concerned about the time at all as we conducted our business.)

Blow Job: A (It was definitely her thing. A man has no trouble staying hard with a beautiful face like that wrapped around his manhood.)

Sex: A (I couldn’t get enough of her voluptuous soft body.)

Pop Shot) A (took it in the face and swallowed.)

Anal: N/A (She was down but I passed knowing that she would hit me up for more money.)

Diamond is 100% woman and the type of girl a man would wants on his arm. I was hoping I’d run into her in another life in some kind of way. In the end it’s all about fantasy and you got to let them go.

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Damn! She look like a bitch I used to fuck with. Make me wanna go find that hoe.


Lol! Be careful reaching back into your past dude. I come up “Snake Eyes” every time on that.


Tru dat.

Bug U

She cute as fuck. Where can I see more?


Thanks Boss. Just click on the “All Videos” tab at the top of the page. Search for Diamond.


Lol! For a second I thought that was my wife bro. Lol!


Oh shit! Hey, she signed a release agreement bro. Lol!


Lol! No, that’s not her. It’s does look a lot like my old lady. And she used to fuck with black guys hard. So sometimes I wonder if I’m ever going to come across some shit like this on her.


Well she’s with you now. So whoever these guys were, they didn’t have what you have.


Lol! That’s what she says bro.


Lol! There it is then.


Cute ass snow bunny. I need a dick sucker like that.


Nothing worse than ending up a girl who wont suck dick.


Mine will suck. She just ugly ass fuck compared this bitch you got. Smdh.


LMFAO!!!!!! Damn my “G.” Like that?


Just keepin it 100 dog. But she do for me tho. So I stay with her. But if this hoe fuck up…


I see, and I’ve been there Boss.