Molly Moon

Molly, an Italian from New York City, was everything this business is about. She was introduced to me by her agent. I was at his place dropping off another model that he had set me up with. They were on the way to a shoot. Molly and I made eye contact on the elevator. I contacted the agent immediately and told him that I wanted that girl. He laughed after seeing the obvious chemistry between us.

Molly showed up to my hotel ready to work the next afternoon. I was in my favorite spot, a high end suite in Hollywood just walking distance from Universal Studios. She went at me as soon as she came through the door. We joked about that later while going over paper work. Molly and I completed two strong scenes then went to Carl’s Jr for refreshments.

My only regret from working with Molly Moon is that I didn’t do an anal scene with her. I kick myself for that every time I watch this footage. I had it in my mind that I would bring her back and spend another day working with this bundle Italian energy, but I never saw her again.

Overall Evaluation:

Face: A (Sexy, ethnic and authentic. No make up)

Body: A (All natural, unmarked)

Personality: A+ (Great attitude. Awesome work ethnic. Never broke character from start to finish. She even waited for me to view the footage to make sure there wasn’t more she needed to do.)

Blow Job: A (Porno level skills and execution)

Sex: A (Porno level skills and execution)

Pop Shot: A (Executed a facial and swallowed)

Molly Moon is an industry soldier.

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That bitch can handle the beat down! Lol!


Yes she could.


Super smash that shit dude!


Lol! I couldn’t get enough of this one Boss. Tried to bring her back for another shoot, but was never able to track her down again.


Little Italian likes the BBC. Lol! My cock is big. It just ain’t black. Lol!




She likes that Pound Town. I got some of that too if she needs it.


She would take it dude. Lol! That’s her hole M.O.