Purer than new fallen snow. Iris was being pimped out by a ringmaster named Jay. She took a train all the way down to San Diego to LA for the work. I picked her up from the train station. Anybody who bothered to notice us had to say to themselves, “That doesn’t look right. He must be holding her hostage.” That’s what this porno shit is all about though.

Shy but warmed up quickly. I taught her how to do a proper blow job, one that looks good on film. We then moved from the coach to the bedroom of my apartment. This is where Iris earned her stripes. She took a massive anal entry on the first push. Her ass swallowed my shit. Iris was super tight and very sensitive, so I took it easy on her. This disappointed some people I showed the footage to. They wanted me to smash her into oblivion, but I was actually concerned that I would seriously hurt the 20 year old.

We finished with a big facial pop shot and called it an evening.

Overall Evaluation:

Face: A (Innocent and natural)

Body: A (Petite, unmarked. Just enough meat on her bones to fill out all of the curves)

Personality: B (I’m giving her a B for being a soldier on the anal. However, she broke character near the end and became a clock-watcher. After anal she seemed to be done with the whole
thing mentally… Makes me wish I wasn’t so nice. I should have busted her guts in.

Blow Job: B (Inexperienced but was willing to take direction)

Sex: B (She did what was necessary)

Anal: A (Took it like a champ.)

Pop Shot: B (Good facial)

A solid performance for a rookie. Doesn’t seem like the type who will make a career of such activities.

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I like this. And I don’t even fuck with white girls.


I don’t know why, but to each their own.




That asshole is beautiful.


That’s what I say every time I see this footage. People always ask me why I didn’t roll her over. I’m still not sure why I didn’t.


You were being nice dude.


I know. From now on when they let me in their ass I’m going to give the people what they want to seeā€¦ destruction. Lol!


Do it dude. I would if I were you. Lol!


Its on then!




She took that shit like a boss lady. You should be making Mills off this bro. Stuffing little white girls in the ass with BBC.


Lol! I’m working on the Mills that’s for sure.