Judie Marie

Judy Marie and I linked up on a trip to LA where I completed several successful shoots. Her agent heard I was in town and sent her pictures over. I saw photos of a tall Caucasian woman in her late twenties with hair down to the middle of her back. Something in her eyes said that she might be fun so I agreed to work with her on the next day.

I was staying at my favorite Hotel in Hollywood. The lobby is adjacent to the parking garage and there is only one way in and out. Judy’s agent pulled up to the front door of the lobby and let her out wearing nothing but a pair of sky blue panties, a purple top and black shoes. They were trying to tell me on the phone that they couldn’t get her suitcase open. However, I did not know that her agent was going to drop her off basically naked. We had to walk through the lobby in front of the checkout desk and everyone there. It was quite embarrassing.

Judy was a little nervous when we got to the room. She sensed that I was upset about the incident in the lobby. We quickly got past this point when I gave her a hug and told her that there was nothing to be worried about. She relaxed with a brief cigarette out on the balcony and we started to work.

Judy’s long-curvaceous body look great on camera along with her long brown hair. At some point during the scene she informed me that she knew how to come and that she squirts when she cums. The conversation started while she was in the doggy style position. Judy directed me to basically sit still as she glided her body back and forth very slowly on my erection. I could see her shoulders starting tremble and then the explosion game. She squirted all over the bed. I had to change the sheets and cover the wet spot with towels.

We followed with a second shoot, which was only a blow job scene. I informed Judy that I wanted a second pop shot. She proceeded to give me head for about 55 minutes straight. That has to be some sort of a record. Her jaw was pretty sore however.

We capped off the night with a stop at McDonald’s. Judy talked to me about her faith and how she enjoyed being a wife to her husband. I’m sure he enjoyed his wife, I sure did.

Overall evaluation:

Face: B (Judy was very photogenic)

Body: C (Kind of slender for my taste and a bit worn down)

Personality: A (Judy was very professional and a great sport about situation. She was there to take direction and provide me with the content that I needed.)

Blow Job: A (Judy performed a 55-minute BJ which was extremely impressive. It also hasn’t happened with anyone else since.)

Sex: A (Judy is the only model I have worked with who came on screen in that capacity.)

Anal: N/A

Pop Shot: A (Pro level. Then she took the cum and moisturized her entire body with it like skin lotion. “Yikes!!!”)

Judy Marie was a perfect combination of trashy good looks and a laid-back attitude. It makes her perfect for the adult entertainment industry. However, whatever drugs she was on was deteriorating her appearance very quickly.

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Whoa! That bitch squirted!

Hercules King

Lol! And it was load. She told it was coming. I didn’t expect that.


I wasn’t expecting that.

Hercules King

Lol! That’s what everybody says. Neither was I.


Oh shit! i ain’t never seen a bitch do that.

Hercules King

I’m not sure if I had either before this. I’ll have to think about it because I’ve done some wild shit. But this was a trip. Lol!


Where she from dog?

Hercules King

A trailer park somewhere. I don’t remember exactly, which is odd because that is usually the sort of information I retain about these girls… She did say she lived in a trailer, so I’m not breaking balls here.


That fucked me up.

Hercules King

Lol! Mee too!