Mia Vixen

Mia Vixen was introduced to me by one of the agents I was working with at the time. We spoke first on the phone and she had a personality that jumped right through the speaker. I first thought that she would surely be a flake. But the agent had her call me again, which she did. We scheduled work for the next day. She got on a train from Orange County and came down to San Diego like there was nothing to it it.

Mia was another real girl who was testing out the porn industry for the first time. She was very warm, bubbly and entertaining. Mia had great eyes and her smiled made for fantastic photo and video footage.

I kept Mia busy all day. I could not get enough of her. We shot two strong scenes that ended in pop shots. The anal attempt was epic. Mia tried her best to take it but I never got more than the tip of my manhood and her ass. I decided to give her a break, as I was pretty sure that the neighbors were tired of listening to me torture her for 30 minutes.

We went out for some dinner after and Mia confided in me about her passion for cocaine. That piece of information caught me off guard. By this point I was very seasoned in working with these girls. Although I was crazy about Mia Vixen I was resigned in the fact that I would never see her again.

Overall Evaluation:

Face: A (Mia is half Mexican and half Italian, beautiful in an authentic kind of way. She is still a favorite among my followers.)

Body: A (Naturally curvaceous body, filled out thighs, hips, and natural breast.)

Sex: A (Mia was very tight and super responsive to every move I made inside of her. The moaning and groaning was natural, which was a huge turn on.)

Blow Job: A (Mia was admittedly unexperienced, but took direction well. I taught her some skills that I’m sure she is still using in her personal life today.)

Anal: A (Although we did not execute full penetration, Mia hung in there as long as she could, which was just as sexy as a full anal scene itself.)

Pop Shot: A (Mia’s beautiful face is the perfect landing spot for a man’s load. Both shots came out very well.)

Mia Vixen was a one hit wonder, the kind of girl who you probably won’t see anywhere else but on my website. Most people don’t realize that the industry is mostly made up of people who hop in and out in this manner. These types of girls are the ones who drive the industry.

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Baby is sexy!

Hercules King

Yes she is.

Hulk Smash

Where this bitch at?


That’s what I’m sayin


Lol! Orange County last I heard.


This is cute as Hell!




I agree. I wanted to bring her back for more work… Never saw her again.


I’m feeling this one.


I was too. These kind can be really fun. She’s not a porn star, just a freaky little neighborhood hootchie looking to see what’s out there. I haven’t seen footage on her anywhere else on the internet.