Mindy’s agent called me desperate to put this girl to work. She was living with roommates up in Santa Ana who were threatening to put her out if she didn’t catch up on the rent that she owed them. He sent me some pictures and she looked amazing in the shots. However, when I met her she was dressed down and had a very stoic presence.

We got back to the hotel room, which was perfect for the shoot, a king sized bed with a large window facing out towards the highway. The window let the sun shine in for perfect lighting. I was ready to do this girl in but she had absolutely no energy. It could have been nerves or maybe just her personality. The fireworks simply never got going.

Ironically, Mindy was extremely photogenic as far as the camera was concerned. Her photos got clicks like no other on my site. She was my first shoot after a little time off so I was able to blow a huge load in the pop shop. It looked great with those amazing eyes that Mindy has. This was the only part of the footage that I’ve ever posted. The rest is whack.

It takes two to tango, so I won’t completely blame her, but oh well.

Overall Evaluation:

Face: C

Body: B (Mindi had the equipment but didn’t do anything with it.)

Personality: D (There was none. Could have been drugs now that I think about it.)

Blow Job: D

Sex: D

Pop Shot: A (This came out good for some reason. I made money with it.)

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That bitch look like she’s suckin some nigga’s foot. Lol!

Trey Noons

For a minute I thought that was me face stuffin that hoe.


Lol! Nigga you about them white girls aint you?

Big G

Breezy got a big black dick her head.

Hercules King