Olivia Wilder

I came across Olivia Wilder’s profile online. She had a collection of professionally done photos. She looked extremely professional and top quality in the picture gallery. I was nervous about calling her at first. Olivia Wilder was only my fourth or fifth shoot in the business and I was sure that someone like her would be out of my league. I sent her a message anyway and she responded immediately to my surprise.

Olivia Wilder is a no-nonsense business person. We messaged back and forth for about 10 minutes. Then she asked me to give her a call so that we can confirm the shoot date. I did so and she invited me to her apartment up in the IE for the session.

I had to pinch myself on this occasion. How often does a man get invited to a supermodels house to bang her out. It seemed like something out of a dream. However, it was not a dream. Olivia answered the door in a pair of cut-off blue jean shorts and tank top. She showed me her Talent Test results, which had expired the week prior. However, she had went out to get a new test for this shoot and was on the phone yelling at the clinic managers for not sending her results over in time. They messaged the information right away. She showed me her documents and we got into the scene.

I was very much a rookie producer-director at this point. Olivia’s had be very taken with her beauty and charisma. I marveled at how tight she was inside for such an experienced pornstar. Her body was clean and perfectly manicured from head to toe.

We shot in the living room and bedroom of her small apartment. I was extremely comfortable in her place, so much so that she had to give me the look after the session was finished. I realized that my welcome had run its course, packed up my equipment and headed out the door.

She contacted me about a week later and asked if I wanted to do another scene with her. I took this as a compliment and gladly drove all the way up to the Inland Empire from San Diego to work with her again. The second scene was not as intense as the first. I realized that I was learning an industry lesson and that this was a straight up money grab. However, the footage looked fantastic even though neither of us was as into the way we were the first time.

Overall Evaluation:

Face: A (Olivia Wilder is stunningly beautiful.)

Body: A (Olivia is a pro who is well-kept and well-paid for a reason.)

Personality: A (It’s a put on. Olivia is a great actor who knows how to bring what is needed to a scene)

Blow Job: A (It was on point)

Sex: A (Olivia Wilder had and extremely tight and naturally lubricated pussy. Amazing for a pornstar caliber performer. My last wife’s pussy wasn’t that good and she claimed to only have had sex with me for 8 years.)

Pop Shot: A (Pro level)

Anal: Could not talk her into it.)

Olivia Wilder it is a heartbreaker who knows how to give a good performance. However, if I ever work with her again I’m going to make sure that she comes to my set instead.

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Dave Austin

I’ve seen her a lot.

Hercules King

Olivia Wilder is a veteran. She still looks good though. I attracted all of these vets when I was new. Now that I have experience I know how to find the fresh faces.


That head looks on point.

Hercules King

It was the truth. Mad skills on her. When a pretty girl gets on the horn that makes it extra special.


Stretching her little mouth with that thing.

Hercules King

Lol! She’s a pro.


I need a slut like that dude.


Pretty girl. Is she available for companion work?

Hercules King

Olivia is her own boss. I’m not sure of everything she is into. Hit her up Twitter and see what she says.


I still can’t figure out how you guys talk your girlfriends into this type of stuff. My lady won’t even let me mention this to her. Smdh.

Hercules King

I wanted her to be my girlfriend when I met her. However, Olivia was not having any funny business. The shoot went well and we kept it moving.