Stephanie Saint

Stephanie Saint took the train down from LA to work with me at my apartment in San Diego. She was looking to get started in the adult entertainment business and needed her Talent Test to do so. We were exchanging footage for her medical expenses.

Stephanie was very shy and hardly said a word after she arrived on the last train of that evening. She kept a smile on her face however and never complained about a thing. We shot some footage that night and then she went to sleep in the next room. We woke up the next day to do some shooting and then head down to the clinic. Stephanie took about an hour and a half to get her makeup together. She finally came out of the bathroom and we went to work and shot some pretty solid content.

On the ride to the clinic she began to open up and I saw that Stephanie had a very bubbly personality. We talked about the boyfriend that kept blowing up my phone trying to pimp her out. He was extremely upset that she was cutting him out of the money. I informed her that that was the smart way to do business. Stephanie was pretty sharp upstairs to my surprise.

She seemed to take my advice and also dumped the dip shit agent that sent her to me. Last I heard she was with one of the mainstream companies up in Los Angeles. I currently forget the name.

Face: A (Stephanie was a very cute girl.)

Body: A (Clean and unmarked, petite but enough meat to fill out the curves.)

Personality: A (Took direction well and played to the camera.)

Blow Job: B (She did what was necessary)

Sex: B (She did what was necessary.)

Pop Shot: A (Quality facial)

Anal: B (Never got in after several unsuccessful attempts. This wasn’t her fault. It was hard for me to keep wood and work the camera on this day.)

Stephanie was the least trouble out of any model that I’ve ever worked with. She didn’t say no to anything. I’m sure that new agency is happy to have her

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I like latinas. Where did you find this one?


She had an agent representing her. He was a bullshit fuckin dude. He did recruit quite a few like this for me before dropping off of the map… Baby was cool. She came all the way down from LA to San Diego for the work.