Somebodys Momma

It truly felt like I was banging the mother of a friend of mine. “Somebody’s Momma” was such a nice lady. I found myself noticing how she neatly placed her things to the side of the bed just before preparing to get destroyed.

The head game was satisfactory, and I had to appreciate the way “Somebody’s Momma” soldiered up for anal. The attempt was unsuccessful however. I let her off the hook with some doggy style action and a pop shot in the booty crack.

Overall Evaluation:

Face: (B) A nice looking lady. Kissable.

Body: (A) Her body was more on point than I expected. She looked mature in the face. So I thought her dynamic curves were fake from a distance (You see that a lot here). I was reluctant to approach because of this. To my surprise this lady was all natural.

Personality: (A+) Great attitude. Great outlook on the entire situation. Its a joy to work with these kind.

Blow Job: (B) Very solid on the tool.

Sex: (B) Good tight pussy. Took the pounding.

Anal: (B) She could have gotten an “A.” This was my fault… I attempted a rear entry and could feel the tip get in. However, she was way too tight. The next move should have been to roll her over on her back. Time restraints prevented further action.

Pop Shot: (B) A good load in the ass crack. It turned out well.

She will definitely get another shoot.

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She going to work on that thang.

Hercules King

Yes Sir! She was cool.


I can barely see her.

Hercules King

Yeah I know. I struggled with lighting on this one. Decided to post it anyway. There are still some good spots. The full length version came out better.


They go raw dog like that?

Hercules King

Depends on the girl. Each one is different. You got to have a little game to get what you really want out of them.