Starla Paige

Starla Paige from Arizona was as cool as they come. Her dip shit agent brought her out to San Diego on an escaped that left her stranded with no money. He called me to bail him out of this mess. We all agreed that Starla would trade some good quality footage for a plane ticket back to AZ.

She was a trooper about it all. The only annoying part was the damn agent. He was in town with her (I did not know this). I found a hotel to shoot in. Dumb ass wanted to sit in and watch the shoot. Starla made me kick him out, which I gladly did.

We completed one full scene including anal. Baby didn’t flinch. I was warming back up to get one more run at her. Then her phone stared buzzing. It was that damn agent.

I booked her flight back Arizona and drove Starla all the way to Carlsbad for her flight, leaving the bug-a-boo pimp behind. This gave me some time to talk with her alone. She was 100% on the level. I thought for sure I would get her back to San Diego for another more intense video session, but it was not to be. Once she got home that’s where she stayed.

Overall Evaluation:

Face: A+ (Adorable girl. Everyone thought she was Jessica Beil.)

Body: A (Unmarked, natural curves. Slender and tall. About 5’8.”)

Blow Job: B (She did what was necessary)

Sex: A (Naturally tight and wet pussy. Only needed lubricant for entry. She felt like a virgin.)

Anal: A+ (A Gladiator. She handled it.)

Pop Shot: B (She completed the pop shot. I could tell it wasn’t her favorite thing to do.)

Starla had me “Star struck!” These were desperate times for this 40-plus year old. Fresh off of a divorce, I often tried to make more out of my time with the women that I was working with than what was called for. Starla Paige filled the void that was left empty by my last wife (If for only the short time we spent together). She even got up and cleaned the room after we were done… I was weak.

Starla Paige was a good sport and happily entertained the lonely old beast. We had dinner at the airport and off she went. We kept in touch briefly via text message. As the story often goes, I haven’t seen her since.

Be sure your emotions are in check before you enter this business. You “Can” get your feelings hurt.

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Cute girl.


Sure is.

Hercules King

Very cute girl. I actually tried to her to stay in San Diego for more work. She was determined to get home to Arizona.


She’s nice.

Hercules King

She was. Very cool chick. Easy to work with.

Hulk Smash

I like her.


Me too.

Hercules King

Lol! I did also. maybe a little too much. Her agent and I started butting heads. Lol!


I need her.


Where is she from.

Hercules King

Some hick town in Arizona.


I know this girl.



Hercules King

She looks like Jessica Beil. But that’s not her. Lol!