Super Cool Girl

“Super Cool” girl took me by surprise. We encountered each other several times before actually speaking. I couldn’t read her at first. The moment we spoke changed everything. Our conversation started over a couple of drinks. I then explained what I did for a living. “Super Cool” girl was not only interested, but game to participate. This is where the surprise came in.

The unexpected didn’t stop there. “Super Cool” girl and I warmed up with some basic fucking. The head was good considering the condom being worn. Then I began some ass play. She was receptive. I was surprised yet again.

The anal was deep but gentle. “Super Cool” girl was extremely tight. I would have needed to pound that hole pretty good in order to get her to gape. However, things were getting a little messy.

Overall Evaluation:

Face: (B) Cute girl

Body: (B) On the petite side, yet filled out. All natural with enough ass to make the doggy style session worth doing.

Personality: (A+) This girl was great to work with. Although she wasn’t open to every single request, she gave in other ways. The scene went well because of her beautiful attitude.

Blow Job: (C) A condom blow job, so not special.

Sex: (b) She did what was necessary.

Anal: (A+) “A” fucking plus on this! A pleasant surprise.

Pop Shot: (B) A pop shot in the ass crack is the second best thing to a facial.

A good performer. If she is willing to open up more I would definitely work this girl again.

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That hoe took it in the ass? I want to see that shit.

Hercules King

Lol! Its on the full video. Go to the “All Videos” page. It was a monster anal baby just took it.


Where is the anal bro?

Hercules King

Lol! Its on the full video. Just click the “All Videos” tab up top. Do a search for “Super Cool Girl.” You can watch a single video for $1.50 or all of them for $10.00 per month. Updates are coming soon.


That shit look like the no tell motel.

Hercules King

Lol! You’re not far from the truth.